David Archbold

Managing Director

Email: darchbold@internationalproperty.com.au
Mobile: 0414 239 107

David Archbold has over 40 years experience in the property industry in Australia. Prior to the establishment of International Property Group Pty Limited in 1991, David was Executive Director - International, for Colliers Jardine New Zealand and Asia and Executive General Manager of Hooker Corporation. For 17 years prior he was the Managing Director of Baillieu Knight Frank (SA) Pty Ltd, then Managing Director of Baillieu Knight Frank (NSW) and a Director/Partner of the Australian Company.

David has a detailed understanding and experience in the domestic and international property markets. He identifies investment and development opportunities for our Asian clients, and provides specialised advice to the banking sector, accounting and legal professions to maximise their client’s property performance.

In particular, he was appointed to advise the South Australian Asset Management Corporation (formerly the Group Asset Management Division) on restructuring the $4 billion property portfolio of the former State Bank of South Australia.

He was a member of the Board of the Asset Management Task Force in South Australia, responsible for overseeing the sale and upgrading of Government assets. He was also appointed to the Property Divestment Steering Committee by the South Australian Government.

From July 1995 to June 2004, David was a member of the Board of the Motor Accident Commission (formerly known as the State Government Insurance Commission) which is responsible for third party insurance and a number of government assets.

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